Undergraduate Research Group

Undergraduate students in the School of Public Health can meet research mentors and connect to projects through the Undergraduate Research Group.


  1. Creating a forum for better understanding the research enterprise and the value of public health research.
  2. Developing original student research projects and disseminating this work through research presentations and papers.
  3. Connecting students to research mentors and meaningful roles in existing professional research projects, including roles that lead to co-presentations and co-authorships.

Student Outcomes

Students who participate in this group can expect to achieve 2-3 of the following outcomes each year:               

Type 1: Developing Original Student Research

  1. Develop original student research projects using existing or original data.
  2. Submit original student research presentations to WVU and Health Sciences Center-sponsored research events (e.g., Health Sciences' Van Liere Research Day, WVU's Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol and WVU's Summer Research Symposium).
  3. Present original student research at WVU and HSC-sponsored research events and research group events (listed above).
  4. Submit and publish original student research manuscripts to student journals (e.g., Mountaineer Undergraduate Research Review).

Type 2: Assisting with Existing Professional Research

  1. Participate meaningfully in an existing research project under the supervision of a faculty member or mentor.
  2. Co-present with a faculty member at a state or national conference.
  3. Co-author a manuscript with a faculty member that is submitted to a professional journal.

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Peter Giacobbi, PhD
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