Membership Criteria

At the West Virginia University School of Public Health, membership election from all three groups is based on outstanding performance – scholarship, participation in the Student Association of Public Health (SAPH), participation in Gamma Mu community service in students, teaching, research and service in faculty, and practice of public health in alumni. Election to membership in Delta Omega is intended not only to recognize merit, but also to encourage further excellence in and devotion to public health work. Inductions are held each year during the School of Public Health’s spring banquet. The Gamma Mu Chapter inducts up to 10 percent of the graduating student body, who are in the upper 25 percent academically and who have participated in greater than or equal to 50 percent of the SAPH yearly activities and 100 percent of Gamma Mu's activities. Applicants selected for membership will be responsible for his or her $50.00 lifetime membership dues prior to induction. Inquiries regarding the membership process should be directed to Faculty Advisor Elizabeth Claydon.