Student Profiles

Bernadine Kwan
Bernadine Kwan Master of Public Health (MPH) in Health Policy
Health policy is the one field that can seriously impact large groups of people on every level. It impacts all instances of life and good policy can help alleviate struggles for people.
Jeevan Murthy
Jeevan Murthy Bachelor of Science (BS) in Public Health
One thing I would tell prospective students is to consider Public Health, especially if you’re interested in medical school. It will enable you to develop a different approach to treating patients.
Amara Garity
Amara Garity Bachelor of Science (BS) in Public Health
WVU offers all of the perks of a large university, while the School of Public Health provides a smaller and intimate educational setting. It truly feels like a family.
Rachel Baker
Rachel Baker Master of Health Administration (MHA)
This career path has endless possibilities, and it's exciting to know that no matter what my interests are, I can find a way to incorporate that into my career in public health.
Aleah Stevenson
Aleah Stevenson Bachelor of Science (BS) in Public Health
Prevention is the best cure. Public health allows vital information to reach a community and affect their health practices in a positive way.
Jeffrey Pesarsick
Jeffrey Pesarsick Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Public Health Sciences - Epidemiology
The passion of the faculty in School of Public Health spurs interest and fosters a learning environment which is second to none.
Brenna Kirk
Brenna Kirk Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Public Health Sciences - Social and Behavioral Sciences
The School of Public Health has top-notch faculty and staff that are so welcoming and are genuinely devoted to student success and the overall undergraduate and graduate school experience.
Miranda Aman
Miranda Aman Master of Public Health (MPH) in Occupational and Environmental Health Sciences
We really are a community who is proud of each other and proud to be here. We make sure everyone’s where they thrive and has a place they can be themselves.
Ryan Titus
Ryan Titus Bachelor of Science (BS) in Public Health
The WVU SPH is a place where everyone feels at home and part of a family. Everyone is treated well and and given plenty of opportunities to succeed.
Raihan Khan
Raihan Khan Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Public Health Sciences - Social and Behavioral Sciences
Public health is a real, effective way to improve communities. It is important that we have all types of people practicing because communities are very diverse and deserve to have each need looked at.
Nicholas McCardle
Nicholas McCardle Master of Health Administration (MHA)
I always try to be mindful of the things that I do, the things that I say, because you never really know what someone else is going through. You might be the difference in their day.