WVU in the News: Not just fun in the sun: Rehoboth Beach lifeguards on a century of service

Before she started her academic journey with the West Virginia University School of Public Health, alumna Ana Villabona was a part of 100 years of history by serving as a lifeguard at Rehoboth Beach in Delaware --and now serves as the patrol’s senior lieutenant and head of the training program. Her story has been featured in "The Washington Post" in an article celebrating this milestone of Rehoboth Beach history. 

Villabona told the Post that she’s proud to be a Latina woman in one of the squad’s top positions, and she paid tribute to the female lifeguards who paved the way for her.

 “I think if they hadn’t joined the patrol at the time they did and put their foot down as much as they did, we definitely wouldn’t have the women numbers that we have now," she said. 

Read the full story from The Washington Post online or via this downloadable PDF.