2015 Archive

December 4, 2015

Income Inequality, Public Services and Premature Mortality in the United States

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Presenter: Jim Dunn, PhD
Professor, Department of Health, Aging & Society, McMaster University, Canada and
Chair in Applied Public Health, Canadian Institutes of Health Research - Public Health Agency of Canada

September 1, 2015

Legal and Policy Tools to Address Chronic Diseases (and we don't mean the ACA)

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Marice Ashe, JD, MPH, CEO and founder of the Oakland-based nonprofit ChangeLab Solutions, creates pioneering efforts to improve and sustain communities. As executive director, Marice Ashe has launched a number of groundbreaking efforts to improve public health through the use of law and policy. Under her leadership, ChangeLab Solutions builds the capacity of leaders across the nation to address a range of chronic diseases through practical policy solutions. ChangeLab Solutions’ team of lawyers, city planners, architects, and policy specialists develop model laws and policies, consult on tough policy questions, and provide training and technical assistance to ensure strong policy initiatives and sustainable solutions.

Presenter: Marice Ashe, JD, MPH
CEO of ChangeLab Solutions

April 1, 2015

Why You Should Care about ‘Still Alice’ and the 5 Million Other Americans Living with Alzheimer’s Disease

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Helen Matheny will discuss risk factors for this disease as well as what components make up a dementia-friendly community.

Presenter: Helen Matheny, MS, APR
Director of the West Virginia Alzheimer’s Outreach and Registry Program, Blanchette Rockefeller Neurosciences Institute, West Virginia University

March 13, 2015

Creating a Healthy Community in the Heart of Appalachia

Mayor Jenny Selin will present efforts in the home of The Mountaineers to create public infrastructure, a healthy food system, and public engagements related to issues of health. Through photographs, documents and plans, participants will experience the highs and lows of achieving a healthy community in our state.

Presenter: Jennifer Selin
Mayor of Morgantown, WV

February 6, 2015

Climate Change and Population Health

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A three-person panel discussion on climate change presenting the research of three experts from different fields.


  • Heather Basara, PhD, Assistant Professor, Occupational & Environmental Health Sciences, School of Public Health, WVU
  • Yong-Lak Park, PhD, Associate Professor, Division of Plant & Soil Sciences, Davis College of Agriculture, WVU
  • Brent McCusker, PhD, Associate Professor of Geography, Eberly College of Arts & Sciences, WVU

Moderator: Robert Duval, PhD, Chair, Health Policy, Management, and Leadership, School of Public Health, WVU