Youth Advisory Board

YAB Description: The Youth Advisory Board (YAB) is a youth-led space within the WVPRC focused on positive youth development, including leadership development and other capacity-building skills relevant to research and social science careers. Members practice these skills through advising the WVPRC and its partners on projects and programs as well as determining their own developmental activities and projects. 

YAB Purpose: The purpose of the YAB is to center the youth voice in the WVPRC’s future strategies and goals. The WVPRC’s main focus is partnering with communities to improve health outcomes, and many of these initiatives focus on WV youth. The WVPRC values the perspectives of those our research seeks to impact, and the YAB fosters the bi-directional, intergenerational learning necessary for addressing the challenges and inequities young people in WV face in their communities. 

YAB Membership: YAB Members are young people aged 13 - 22 living in or attending school in West Virginia. 

YAB Activities: YAB Members meet virtually each month to pursue their own goals as well as advise the WVPRC’s work. Members also participate in an annual team-building orientation trip full of fun outdoor recreational activities, like hiking and rock climbing. Additionally, YAB Members assist in planning the annual Youth Summit through a partnership with Try This WV. The Youth Summit is a youth-led conference planned by young people from across WV and involves activities and presentations that help young people network with one another and generate ideas for creating positive impact in their communities, especially concerning community health.

For information, please reach out to Erin Hudnall: