Student Travel Award Form

Social and Behavioral Sciences Student Travel Award

  • Travel Awards up to $750 are available for MPH and PhD students from the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences, as well as School Public of Health undergraduate students who can document working closely with a departmental faculty member. 
  • Typically, only one award will be provided per student each academic year. Pending the availability of funding, additional funds may be available for a second travel award in the same academic year.
  • PhD students take priority.
  • This money is available to provide students financial assistance to attend scientific meetings.
  • To be eligible, student must be:  
    1. First author on a poster or presenter during a podium presentation; and
    2. Able to demonstrate active School of Public Health service.

To Apply for a Travel Award from the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences:

  • Provide documentation of the abstract or podium presentation in which you are first author and provide documentation of registration.
  • Provide documentation that the abstract or poster was accepted.
  • Fill out the Travel Support Program Application form and send back to the Attention of Ms. Beth Morrison, Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences, prior to the meeting for approval.
  • You will receive an approval letter from our office.

Student Travel Support Program Application