Student Profiles

Emma Chua
Emma Chua Bachelor of Science (BS) in Public Health
I think that the broad-based learning that the School of Public Health offers is fantastic. The school produces incredibly well-rounded applicants for any graduate program or professional position.
Lydia Ferrell
Lydia Ferrell Bachelor of Science (BS) in Health Services Management and Leadership
Stop being afraid and to try new things. Talk to professors and classmates, join student organizations and clubs, and take advantage of every opportunity and experience.
Trey Harvey
Trey Harvey Master of Health Administration (MHA)
Public health is about early detection and prevention to prevent illness and diseases and promoting healthier practices in the community to achieve better health outcomes.
Niki Horiates
Niki Horiates Bachelor of Science (BS) in Public Health
I chose public health because of all the opportunities and different jobs.
Vincent Hornig
Vincent Hornig Master of Health Administration (MHA)
Improving health is more than just healthcare; it also includes tackling issues such as social determinants of health and understanding how a disease affects the community as a whole.
Aaron Hunt
Aaron Hunt Master of Health Administration (MHA)
My experience with the School of Public Health has been invaluable in shaping my career goals. Engaging in extracurricular activities has allowed me to explore various areas within public health.
Jenna Kahwash
Jenna Kahwash Bachelor of Science (BS) in Public Health
Gaining a public health education provides a unique opportunity to study inequities to be able to best enact change on the community level.
Madison Katz
Madison Katz Master of Health Administration (MHA)
If you have a passion for healthcare and health promotion, as well as for helping others, but are not sure where to go with that yet, choose public health.
Kaleigh Moss
Kaleigh Moss Bachelor of Science (BS) in Public Health
All the professors have been motivating and encouraged me to strive to test the boundaries of public health. It has made me look at the world from a different perspective.
Ellie Nesbitt
Ellie Nesbitt Bachelor of Science (BS) in Public Health
All my life I wanted to go to West Virginia University, I love the big school atmosphere and sense of school pride everyone has.I chose to major in public health because I liked the health aspect without the need to be in the clinical setting.
Stephanie Prescott
Stephanie Prescott Master of Health Administration (MHA)
The Master of Health Administration program at West Virginia University has allowed me to build a new career path based on my personal passions — service to the community and helping others.
Anusha Sheikh
Anusha Sheikh Master of Public Health (MPH)
I feel prepared for my future thanks to the knowledge gained and experiences that I have had so far, which will ultimately lead me to finding a career I love.
Megan Townsend
Megan Townsend Bachelor of Science (BS) in Health Services Management and Leadership
My experiences in the School of Public Health have helped prepare me for my future better than I ever could have imagined.
Colton Young
Colton Young Master of Health Administration (MHA)
The School of Public Health made it easy to be successful as a first-generation college student. The support, encouragement and opportunities to connect with faculty truly made a difference.