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Mohini Chatterji, 3rd year Ph.D. student in Epidemiology  

  • Future career goals: Work as an epidemiologist for the county/state health department 
  • Fun fact: I have a 16-month old baby girl named Samaira and two guinea pigs - Popcorn and Pancake  

Immediate Past President

Caterina DeFazio, 4th year Ph.D. student in Social and Behavioral Health Sciences 

  • Future career goals: I just started a Research Specialist position with the Office of Health Affairs here at WVU. I am excited to see where this opportunity takes me! 
  • Fun fact: I travel between the U.S. and Italy A LOT! 


Haley Cothern, 1st year master’s student in Health Administration program  

  • Future career goals: As a future health care administrator, I hope to improve the quality of patient care throughout various healthcare settings. 
  • Fun fact: I’ve snorkeled in the Great Barrier Reef.  

Thomas DrvarVice President of Scholarship

Thomas Drvar, 3rd Year Ph.D. student in Social & Behavioral Sciences

  • Future career goals: My future goal is to become a faculty member at a research institution where I can teach and complete research that will hopefully create a positive impact in the field of Public Health.  

  • Fun fact: I have two amazing girls (6 and 8) so basically their hobbies are my hobbies! 

Vice President of Social Outreach

Shelby Helmick, 1st year master’s student in Public Health with a concentration in the Social and Behavioral Sciences 

  • Future career goals: I plan to work with interventions that help address the obesity epidemic and improve health at the community level.  
  • Fun fact: I enjoy painting with acrylics in my free time. I have a five-year-old pet iguana named Squanchy and a 16-year-old husky named Koda whose favorite activities include going on walks and screaming at the top of his lungs.  

Hannah LaymanCo-Vice President of Community Service

Hannah Layman, 3rd year Ph.D. student in Social and Behavioral Health Sciences 

  • Future career goal: Teaching/Research Professor 
  • Fun fact: I have 3 Boston Terriers named Eberlee, Buckee and Harvee.

Co-Vice President of Community Service

Alexandra (Ally) Schmouder, Junior bachelor’s student in Public Health with an area of emphasis in community and population health 

  • Future career goals: My future career goals are to get involved in social and behavioral sciences. I am very interested in the social determinants of health and mental health and wellness among different populations. I plan to get a job after obtaining my BS with a non-profit organization. I may consider returning to school to complete my master’s degree after figuring out for sure what I’d like to do with my career. 
  • Fun fact: Many people in Morgantown don’t like that I am a New York Rangers fan! My brother used to play hockey in NY so I have been to more games there than in Pittsburgh (not a Penguins fan). 

Vice President of Social Engagement 

Lydia Ferrell, Senior bachelor’s student in Health Services Management and Leadership 

  • Future career goals: My future goals are to become a healthcare administrator and work towards improving patient outcomes and the quality of the field.  
  • Fun fact: I met the Regurgitator, who won 4th Place on America’s Got Talent and he swallowed my ring.  

Vice President of Communications 

Jenna Kahwash, Senior bachelor’s student in Public Health 

  • Future career goals: I would love to work as a field epidemiologist one day 
  • Fun fact: I really enjoy playing acoustic guitar and I love receiving new song recommendations 

Secretary and Treasurer

Madelin Gardner, 3rd year Ph.D. student in Epidemiology 

  • Future career goals: My career goals are to work in industry, ideally for FDA or a biotech company because I want to utilize my biomedical engineering degree as well as my PhD in Epidemiology.
  • Fun Fact I was an All-American Pole Vaulter here at WVU during undergrad. I love exercising and training my puppy.

Visakha TurnerChapter Historian

Visakha Turner, 2nd year master’s student in Epidemiology and Geography 

  • Future career goals: I hope to shift systems to better serve people.  
  • Fun fact: I love food, and growing food!  

Faculty Advisor

Elizabeth Claydon, Assistant Professor

  • Education: I have a Ph.D. in Social and Behavioral Sciences, an M.S. in Chronic Disease Epidemiology and an MPH in Social and Behavioral Sciences.
  • Career Goals: Continue to research the areas I love, and teach and mentor students!
  • Fun Fact: I love Formula 1 racing and change teams based on my favorite drivers, so I am constantly updating team hats.