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Haley Cothern

Haley Cothern, Master in Health Administration student  

  • Future career goals: As a future health care administrator, I hope to improve the quality of patient care throughout various healthcare settings. 
  • Fun fact: I’ve snorkeled in the Great Barrier Reef.  

Mohini Chatterji

Immediate Past President
Mohini Chatterji, Ph.D. in Epidemiology  

  • Future career goals: Work as an epidemiologist for the county/state health department 
  • Fun fact: I have a 16-month old baby girl named Samaira and two guinea pigs - Popcorn and Pancake 

Lydia Ferrell

President Elect
Lydia Ferrell, B.S. in Health Services Management and Leadership student

  • Future career goals: My future goals are to become a healthcare administrator and work towards improving patient outcomes and the quality of the field.  
  • Fun fact: I met the Regurgitator, who won 4th Place on America’s Got Talent and he swallowed my ring.  

Carly Williamson

Vice President of Scholarship
Carly Williamson, Master of Public Health student

Diana Davidson

Vice President of Outreach
Diana Davidson, Master of Public Health student

Brandon Gregory

Co-Vice President of Community Service
Brandon Gregory, M.S. in Population Health student

Alexandra Schmouder

Co-Vice President of Community Service
Alexandra (Ally) Schmouder, B.S. in Public Health student

  • Future career goals: My future career goals are to get involved in social and behavioral sciences. I am very interested in the social determinants of health and mental health and wellness among different populations. I plan to get a job after obtaining my BS with a non-profit organization. I may consider returning to school to complete my master’s degree after figuring out for sure what I’d like to do with my career. 
  • Fun fact: Many people in Morgantown don’t like that I am a New York Rangers fan! My brother used to play hockey in NY so I have been to more games there than in Pittsburgh (not a Penguins fan). 

Jordan Ceglar

Vice President of Social Engagement
Jordan Ceglar, Ph.D. in Public Health Sciences student

Adeline Hill

Vice President of Communications
Adeline Hill, B.S. in Public Health student

Donovan Weekly

Secretary and Treasurer
Donovan Weekly, Master of Public Health student

Visakha TurnerHistorian
Visakha Turner, Master of Public Health student

  • Future career goals: I hope to shift systems to better serve people.  
  • Fun fact: I love food, and growing food!  

Elizabeth Claydon

Faculty Advisor
Elizabeth Claydon, Assistant Professor

  • Education: I have a Ph.D. in Social and Behavioral Sciences, an M.S. in Chronic Disease Epidemiology and an MPH in Social and Behavioral Sciences.
  • Career Goals: Continue to research the areas I love, and teach and mentor students!
  • Fun Fact: I love Formula 1 racing and change teams based on my favorite drivers, so I am constantly updating team hats.