Membership Criteria

Election to membership in Delta Omega is intended not only to recognize merit, but also to encourage further excellence in and devotion to public health work. Inductions are held each year during the School of Public Health’s spring banquet. To be eligible for active membership, candidates must:

  1. Be an undergraduate or graduate (MPH, MHA, MS or PhD) student in the School of Public Health.
  2. Attend two (2) Gamma Mu service events per year.
    1. Undergraduate students: meet this requirement the last two years
    2. Graduate students: meet this requirement all years
    3. With approval from the leadership team, non-Gamma Mu service events can be approved for those completing their program remotely and/or limitations due to social distancing requirements.
  3. Apply in the Spring [note: membership is capped at 20 percent of the graduate level and 10 percent of the undergraduate level of the total Public Health graduating student body of all programs combined; e.g., induction capped at 20 percent of combined graduate programs (master's, Ph.D., etc.)].