Avashia Scholarship

The Avashia Scholarship is for students currently enrolled in master’s degree programs in the School of Public Health.  These scholarships, available through the generous financial support of Dr. Bipin H. Avashia and Mrs. Rita Avashia, will be awarded to meritorious students who demonstrate commitment to the values and activities of the School of Public Health, and have demonstrated financial need.

Award Criteria

Full-time Student (9 Hours)

$2000 for the 2017 - 2018 academic year.


To apply for the Avashia Scholarship, a student must have completed a minimum of their first semester of graduate courses within their degree program, maintaining a 3.0 GPA.  In order to maintain their scholarship, students will be required to maintain their program GPA of 3.0 and remain enrolled in courses as described in their plan of study.

Student must write and submit a letter of application describing the reasons why they should be considered for the scholarship.  At a minimum, students should include information describing their financial need, their current and planned course of study, their involvement in School of Public Health and/or departmental activities, and their current and planned community service activities.  This letter should be submitted to their department chair.  Students may also submit additional letters of support from faculty, staff, or community representatives.

The department chair will forward this information to the Office of Student Services with a verification statement of the student’s involvement in the described activities.  Department chairs should also indicate whether the student is under consideration for a student worker position, graduate assistantship or any other type of internal financial support.  Department chairs may provide additional supplemental information at their discretion.  The Office of Student Services will verify grade status and program status for the student and will review the application with the Associate Deans to make recommendations of awards to the Dean.  An official award letter will be provided to selected students notifying them of their award.  Information will be provided to the WVU HSC Financial Aid office.

Students who receive these scholarships will be expected to provide an annual report, documenting the impact of these scholarship funds on their continued education and outreach activities.  These reports will be sent to the donor, through the WVU Foundation.

Please fill out the SPH Scholarship Application form.   

To be considered for an SPH scholarship, students must also file a FAFSA form by March 1 of the preceding academic year. Please see the WVU Financial Aid website for more information.