Amara Garity

Amara Garity

WVU offers all of the perks of a large university, while the School of Public Health provides a smaller and intimate educational setting. It truly feels like a family.

What does public health mean to you?

To me, public health is about education and working with individuals to help them better understand their role and participation in their own mental and physical health.

Why did you choose to study Public Health at WVU?

I chose to study public health at WVU because I grew up with a very sick younger brother. I have experienced firsthand how disease can affect entire families. I have always been drawn to the idea of working with individuals that are indirectly affected by disease and injury.

Have any particular faculty members made an impact on you while at WVU?

Dr. Danielle Davidov has made a profound impact on my studies at WVU. It was in her class that I found my voice to speak up and participate. Her class introduced me to topics that have helped me to clarify my future path.

What would you tell future students about WVU and the School of Public Health?

I would tell future students that WVU offers all of the perks of a large university such as spirit, big and beautiful campus, numerous activities, etc., while the School of Public Health provides a smaller and intimate educational setting. The School of Public Health cares about the students and provides educational and social support. Being a part of the School of Public Health truly feels like a family.

What do you plan to do after completion of your degree?

I am still figuring that out. The one thing I have learned my freshman year is that there are endless possibilities, and I look forward to channeling my interests and finding my path.

What advice would you give to your freshman self?

I would tell my freshman self not to waste time feeling nervous and inferior. I would tell myself to participate and become more involved in my classes right away. I would also tell myself to talk to your professors because they genuinely care about your success, and become a tremendous resource.

Additional Comments

I am involved in SAPH, WVU PAWS and Mountaineer Maniacs. While home, I assist my father, an orthopedic surgeon, with patient education.