Strategic Compass

Graphic representing the concepts described on this page.Student Centric

  • Develop students into public health leaders.
  • Engage students in academic program development and robust career counseling.
  • Foster success by building on the unique strengths of today’s students.
  • Promote growth and development of vibrant student and alumni associations.

Impactful Discovery

  • Enable scholarly activity that benefits the public’s health. 
  • Develop and implement interventions that reach whole populations.

Meaningful Collaborations

  • Develop meaningful partnerships and seek new opportunities to deliver public health benefits. 
  • Integrate community, state, and university initiatives that strive to improve interrelating determinants of health. 
  • Educate policy makers and the general public on evidence-based practices and policies.

Inspiring Education

  • Deliver competitive academic programs.
  • Provide classroom and community-based experiential learning opportunities that focus on pressing 21st century public health challenges. 
  • Cultivate an inclusive, dynamic, productive, and efficient work and learning environment.
  • Prepare students with the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to influence public health behavior and impact public health outcomes.