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Women Sitting at Desk

March 2023. Dr. Gibbs is interviewed by the Harvard Better Off Podcast: Is Working from home unhealthyLink to Podcast



Men ExercisingJuly 2023: Dr. Gibbs is interviewed by a study published in JAMA: 'Weekend Warrior' vs. Daily Exercise: Which is Best for Heart Health? Link to Article 


Person getting their blood pressure measured

September 2023: Dr. Gibbs is interviewed by a study conducted through WVU: "Sitting or standing makes a difference in blood pressure reading, WVU study finds" Link to Article




December 6, 2023: Dr. Gibbs gives a statement regarding hypertension in study conducted through AHA: "High Blood Pressure May Be Experienced as a Couple" Link to ArticleCouple holding hands


April 10, 2024: Dr. Gibbs is interviewed in study conducted through AHA: "A Growing Understanding of the Link Between Movement and Health" Link to Article

Man running

May 2, 2024: Dr. Gibbs is quoted regarding the importance of physical activity during pregnancy through NHLBI (National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute): "Moving More for a Healthy Pregnancy" Link to Article

Pregnant woman warming up to jog