Alumni Profiles

Kearnan Kulow
Kearnan Kulow Master of Public Health (MPH)
If I had to list a single reason as to why public health is important to the community, it’s that it gives everyone a voice when it comes to their health and wellbeing.
Mindy Sharon
Mindy Sharon Master of Public Health (MPH)
I had a lot of great experiences in the School of Public Health. The faculty I worked with gave me the skills and opportunities to be able to live out my dreams.
Sam Wilson
Sam Wilson B.S. in Public Health, Public Health Sciences
I have made some amazing, lifelong friends at WVU and I know I will always cherish my experiences meeting and spending time with them.
Corey Edmonds
Corey Edmonds Master of Public Health (MPH)
The passion and dedication of the faculty, staff and students and the people of West Virginia has been unlike anywhere else I’ve ever been.
Bernadine Kwan
Bernadine Kwan Master of Public Health (MPH)
Health policy is the one field that can seriously impact large groups of people on every level. It impacts all instances of life and good policy can help alleviate struggles for people.
Abdulaziz Alangari
Abdulaziz Alangari Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Public Health Sciences - Epidemiology
I really enjoyed every aspect of it. My classmates have different opinions on public health matters, and it was very enlightening to see these issues from different perspectives.
Kristin Cummings
Kristin Cummings Occupational and Environmental Medicine Residency Program
I chose to train in Occupational Medicine at WVU because of the unique experiences the program offered.
Julie Carey
Julie Carey B.S. in Public Health, Public Health Sciences
I hope one day I can make my community a better place by using what my WVU public health education has taught me.
Olivia Pape
Olivia Pape Master of Public Health (MPH)
After moving to West Virginia in 2015, I knew I wanted to further my education. Once I started working for the School of Public Health, I quickly realized public health was the route for me.
Becca Fint-Clark
Becca Fint-Clark Master of Public Health (MPH)
To me, public health means service. Public health provides the opportunity to serve others and educate them on improving their health and caring for themselves and others.
Krista Farley
Krista Farley
Take advantage of every opportunity provided to you by WVU and the School of Public Health to explore all areas of study and placement to find the perfect fit for you and your career trajectory.
Meagan Stabler
Meagan Stabler Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Public Health Sciences
Public health is the ability to give back to my community—whether it’s indirectly through research or directly, through policy change or applied public health programs via a local health department.
Jordan Ceglar
Jordan Ceglar B.S. in Public Health, Public Health Sciences
Overall, the School of Public Health is an amazing school with great faculty and endless opportunities.
Gabrielle Henry-Bevan
Gabrielle Henry-Bevan Master of Public Health (MPH)
"Take advantage of the opportunities! Even if it's something you might not be interested in initially. One opportunity could lead to the next open door."
Yuni Tang
Yuni Tang Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Public Health Sciences
Public health impacts every aspect of society, and it's a field that not only saves lives but also enhances the quality of life.